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I'm so glad I found Modern Agency when I did. They were able to revamp my food blog so that I can better share my epicurean experiences with my readers. I just love it - it's truly delicious!


When people think about becoming a minimalist, they often think like this – “Let’s get rid of EVERYTHING – then we’ll be true minimalists”. Well, that’s just not true. 

Hi there – I’m Gwyneth, an aspiring minimalist who is passionate about tips, tools and ideas on how to live a stress-free, decluttered and peaceful life. I’m also passionate about easy no-fuss cooking, productivity, organizational skills and much more. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to put my observations, experiences and ideas into books, newsletters and toolkits over the years. Subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to speed on my latest content! 

The book that started it all: “Minimalism: The Path to an Organized, Stress-Free, and Decluttered Life” includes a history of minimalism and how it became the modern day movement it is. In this book, I try to explore various ideas on how to become a minimalist, minimalist living tips, minimalist values, and I try to really challenge the concept of what it means to become a true minimalist. 

Minimalism is not a harsh life of not having enough – in fact, it is a full life of having only the things that make you truly happy. Minimalism can mean different things to different people. It just depends on how you assign value to certain things in your life. Minimalism enables you to focus only on the things that you value the most in life. I also dabble in the concept of philanthropy & altruism and how a minimalist lifestyle can actually help you become a more giving person. 

Join me in my learning journey on minimalism. I try to send weekly newsletters to my email list. I’m also offering a free minimalism ‘toolkit’ when you sign up for my newsletters – to subscribe today!

A few my my other projects include, Easy Food: Simple, Healthy, & Quick Recipes. and Organize Your Life: A One-Stop Planner, Organizer and Gratitude Journal

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